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How to Empower Your Empathy and Stop the Drain

How to Empower Your Empathy and Stop the Drain

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: My intuition is my compass, it knows the way forward.

In this episode, learn how to empower your empathy and stop the drain. Most of us are familiar with how draining our empathic side can be. Sometimes to the point of avoiding others to simply find peace.

You have a gift within and can learn to harness this energy and thrive. In today’s ever changing and stressful times, this gift is a gateway to your intuition, manifesting skills, happiness, and overall health in mind, body and soul.

Now more ever, we want to empower and strengthen these abilities to see clearly in a new world.

Join us for tips on how you can stop the drain and thrive. Energy healing self care.

Watch this episode: