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Healing Your Spirit: Aquarius Full Moon

Healing Your Spirit

Aquarius Full Moon

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I release the pent-up emotions from negative experiences and I look forward to healing my spirit in every way.

Healing your spirit is in the air under the Aquarius full moon on July 23rd-24th. We are offered a revolutionary spiritual healing that soothes the soul. This is the first of two back to back Aquarius full moons. Second one will be August 22nd.

Aquarius is fixed air sign of inventiveness, innovation, and the future. The urge to always loo for new experiences and progressive ideas. This energy is  also great for communicators who like to share their knowledge with others.

The constellation Aquarius is represented by the water bearer.

Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign in the Zodiac. The symbol for this zodiac sign is a person pouring out water from a jug. The water bearer is associated with astrological elements of air and emotions, which deal with intellect, intuition, and sensitivity.

The Water bearer is a vessel that carries the emotional weight of the world. Transmutes for healing and pours back into the world activating a shift in consciousness and higher purpose. 

The water bearer is also symbolic of new ideas, knowledge, and understanding. The coming age is an era of peace and prosperity; in which we will see a spiritual awakening and an end to war.

Aquarius energy has a natural healing energy that nurtures our spirit. Some people think that spiritual healing is only for those who are religious. However, it is not just for a certain group of people. Spirituality is a human characteristic that can be found in all cultures and religions. Spiritual healing can provide relief to the soul by uniting it with the spirit world and creating balance in one's life.

This power can be used to heal not only ourselves but also other people from mental ailments like depression and anxiety. One way to channel this energy is through art therapy and drawing.

Spiritual healing has been around for centuries but it has not been commonly accepted in Western cultures until recently. The more we learn about spirituality, the more we find ways to incorporate it into our lives so that we can have a better sense of peace and wholeness.

The Aquarius Moon is in a water sign and the sun is in Aquarius. These two heavenly bodies combine to form a powerful healing energy, which has the ability to cure even the most serious ailments and diseases.

The Aquarius moon does not have any of its own healing abilities, but it can amplify all other healing energies that are present in your life. This includes those coming from plants, crystals, Reiki sessions or from homeopathic remedies. The Aquarius moon is an excellent time for wholesome detoxification and cleansing treatments such as sauna sessions to rid your body of harmful toxins from past meals or negative thoughts.

The full moon is a point in the lunar cycle when the earth's and the moon's orbits are aligned so that we can see both at once. It is this alignment that gives the full moon its power, and it is one of two times each month when the moon can exert its healing energy on us.

The full moon, nicknamed Aquarius, has a soothing and serene quality that helps us find peace during a time of emotional turmoil. It helps soothe and heal our spirits. This serenity will help you feel calm as well as release any negativity or pent up frustrations you may have been holding onto during this time.

Chariklo, a world between two worlds, is a sacred asteroid. Also known as the asteroid of spirit medicine is also active. Representing our spiritual growth and higher purpose through healing or crisis. 

The story begins with the Greek mythological story about Chariklo and Pholus, a friend to Dionysus. The story explains how both Pholus and Dionysus had to find their way back home after their adventures resulted in them becoming lost. After many days of wandering through the wilderness, they came upon an old man who gave them food and drink and then let them go on their way. Afterward, they continued to follow the setting sun until they found themselves at an open gate in the side of a mountain that led them back to Dionysian territory but not before losing sight of Chariklos for good.

Chariklo is a small asteroid found in the middle of the Asteroid Belt. The asteroid has been known to be a great source of water, oxygen, and material for life in general.

There is more than one theory on what exactly Chariklo does for us. Some say that it provides spirit medicine to those who are sick and need spiritual healing. Others say that it has some kind of relation to the emotional and mental well-being of people on Earth.

The truth is that we don't know much about this celestial body yet but we can be sure that Chariklo will continue to surprise us with its mystery and beauty.

We have longed for healing and letting go. To feel lighter and free. Working with energy healing under the Aquarius full moon and Chariklo offer us heightened benefits.

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