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Good News: Angel Guidance for May 2018

Angel Guidance for May 2018

Good News: Optimistic Energy and a Sigh of Relief

- by Jenn Royster

May 2018 is loaded with fabulous energy. In the May 3rd live broadcast, I shared the angel guidance I received for the month. This not only inspires us and lifts our hearts, but also wakes up the momentum we need to move forward.

The energy is optimistic and a sigh of relief from what we've been feeling in the past month or few months for some. However, it's not a month to sit around and do nothing.  This month brings active relief. Infused with exhilarating energy to motivate you. Delays, obstacles or hesitations fade away.

It will also be much easier to see a positive viewpoint and know which direction you want to take dreams and manifesting for the future. Personal or career, this month brings exhilarating energy to your plans.

The angels brought insights in how we can best tap into this positive vibe and sail through this month. Archangel Michael came through regarding creative projects and romance and business. Finance gets a boost if you're willing to take action. There's good news every way you turn this month. 

If you've been going through several challenges or just everything tossed up in the air, take a breath. Archangel Michael comes through with support and guidance.  

This can feel a bit too good to be true at first, it's natural to hesitate. Especially if you've been going through so much. Nobody is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Instead, give yourself permission to see a fresh new viewpoint. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you discover when you let yourself explore the possibilities. It doesn't hurt to take a peak. 

So I say let's do this. We've been ready and weary from all the releasing. Now we have a month filled with good vibes. Let's make the most of it. 

I have posted the full episode below. Enjoy and tap into some good news.