Break the Chains: Archangel Michael Guidance

Break the Chains that Bind You

Archangel Michael Guidance for August 2018

- by Jenn Royster 

When you hear the phrase, Break the chains that bind you. 

What is the first thought that comes to your mind? Whatever that thought is, will be of value to you as this will give you hint as to what holds you back. 

August is a month filled with non stop energy for big changes in our lives. We've been dreaming about it, and now it's here. This month is loaded with:

  • June - August retrogrades include:  Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, and Mercury. 
  • The lions gate arrives every year on august 8th and is considered to be a gateway to higher realms of consciousness
  • A partial solar eclipse on August 11th in Leo. 

Obviously, we have a lot going on. However, all of this combined has the ability to help us break free, release and heal those deep soul hurts and find our way to connect with a positive outlook and higher frequency lifestyle. 

The ah ha moments are coming, if not already arriving for you. The decision to be free is a real choice. 

I called on Archangel Michael for insights to share with you on this week's broadcast. There is much he can offer all of us. 5th Dimension living is here. We are learning how to live in a higher vibrational frequency that will support you in a healthier lifestyle in mind, body and soul. 

Watch Full episode below.