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Archangel Raziel: Write Your New Life Story

Archangel Raziel: Write Your New Life Story

- by Jenn Royster

What a couple of weeks of change we've had! Now it feels as though we're clearing out the dark corners of our deep seeded issues with this recent full moon from June 09th. 

​​​​​​​Archangel Raziel has been knocking on my spiritual door recently and yes that means it's time to learn something new. I smile when he comes around and then at the same time, I sigh. Why? because I know it will take proactive effort to fully dig in and learn his teachings.

But it's always worth it. I did a reading /meditation this past week with AA Raziel specifically to ask:

1. How may I contribute and share Archangel Raziel's message with you?

2. How can we make the most of the current energies? 

I shared the insights I've received from AA Raziel on the July 13, 2017 live broadcast. (watch the full video archive below). He specifically shared insights regarding manifesting and how we are currently writing (or let's say rewriting) our life story.

​​​​Raziel has always found interesting ways to teach me his knowledge and when I feel him around I don't hesitate to stop everything and listen these days.

 For those of you new to this archangel:

Archangel Raziel is all about the magic of spirit. Manifesting and esoteric knowledge. His name means the keeper of God's secrets. 

Perfect timing for where we are in this current dimension shift! 


I AM listening to the still voice within that is my Divine connection and Truth.
and so it is...