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Archangel Raziel: Manifesting in Final Mercury Retrograde of 2020

Archangel Raziel: Manifesting 

Final Mercury Retrograde of 2020

- by Jenn Royster

Archangel Raziel is known as the keeper of God’s secrets and holds the keys that unlock the mysteries of the universe. AA Raziel’s wisdom can help us tap into our psychic abilities and discover new spiritual insights. In this episode, we’ll focus on how AA Raziel can teach us understanding about the law of attraction to raise our manifesting skills to a higher level.

The perfect time to connect with AA Raziel will be in the Final Mercury retrograde for the year 2020. This retrograde begins in the water sign of Scorpio offering opportunity to open up and receive intuitive insights. We won’t have another Mercury retrograde in a water sign again until 2022. This Mercury retrograde will end November 03, 2020 in the air sign of Libra.

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