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Archangel Raziel: Deep Healing and Manifesting

Archangel Raziel:Deep Healing and Manifesting

- by Jenn Royster

Where I live we have three nights of fireworks for the Fourth of July. I mean literally right in my neighborhood.

I live by the bay so that's part of the beach life. I enjoyed the positivity of the general crowd this year. We all noticed how everyone was celebrating peacefully.

This is how I now choose to live in a 5th dimension lifestyle moving forward. Thanks to all the lessons learned with Archangel Raziel. Here's what I've learned from this powerful archangel and my experience in using the methods he taught me.

Energetically I have been through quite an experience in the past week. For all those that have felt the old pains, traumas, issues resurfacing, you're not alone.

Why does this happen? We do revisit old issues at times to take the healing deeper. Or should I say to a higher frequency. If we were to resolve everything all at once in this rebirthing energy we are currently under, it would overload our physical bodies. Remember we are in a Neptune retrograde till Nov 22nd.

Why? Because everything we process and heal, whether it's from emotions, mental, traumas or even spiritual abuse; we will know it's the final releasement stage when we feel it physically.

Don't let fear help you avoid this very important phase of healing. I have cried my heaviest tears, or felt the pain somewhere in my body when it's finally leaving me once and for all.

That particular physical clue is key to knowing exactly what you did release for good! I have gone through this a few times. Not saying I love it, but I do love the authentic cleansing it brings.

I have had a deeper cleansing like this in the past and it's always miraculous for me. Afterwords, I never feel the pain of that particular issue or experience the emotions any longer. I know I AM FREE!

I know the current energies are bringing much to the surface for many of you, just like it did for me. I share to help you know this is a positive opportunity when this happens. We are rebirthing NOW. We are creating and defining our new path for the future.

When we heal what comes up now, we clear yet again more space for a fresh new happy life. Our hearts are opening to hold more love energy like never before. This will push out negative energy. They can't coexist in the same space. So don't miss this opportunity for healing.

Let your inner guide walk you through what needs healing and trust your intuition to see you through. We are creating a wonderful new life when we do this.

One last thing to share in regards to manifesting. It's happening very quickly these days. No matter what you do, keep you eye on the positive outcome, not the details. This may sound scary in some situations, but I have done this and it never fails me.

Yes, even in the darkest hour, I have chosen to believe in happiness and love completely when feeling this type of shift. I trusted that even if the worst (in my ego's opinion) happened, I would be blessed with happiness and it was allowing for the best outcome (my Higher Self opinion).

Overtime I've done this, the angels have responded with positive answers and repeatedly told me, this issue has already been resolved. Keep positive thoughts and faith that it will all turn out for the best. They have also told me repeatedly, that the outcome will be better than I ever expected because of my efforts and intention in positive thought energy.

As for the outcome overtime, I have done this and it has been exactly what the angels said. It was better than expected.

I know the negative thinking creeps in. Happens to me too. I have chosen to be positively stubborn in this and correcting the negative thinking to positive every time it crept up. Some days many times. But it has worked.

I have noticed that when I began using this method it took longer years ago. Within the last 2 years manifesting was faster. But now, within the last 6 months, very fast.

Now the energy is purging the negative out of our hearts is ramping up manifesting even faster. So don't give up! Stay in the game. Finish the race you chose when you came here in this life.

Archangel Raziel taught me to have faith BEFORE you see it in the physical. It's true from what I have experienced. It works every time but does take patience and a bit of spiritual belief stamina to see it through.

He also taught me that you do have to surrender trying to control the outcome. Yes, I know, easier said than done. But I found this method to be tried and true in all ways.

Thank you for being here in this lifetime for we are creating a new and better world together. I send much Love to all.


Note: Everything I share with you, I share with love from my personal experiences in metaphysics, spirituality and in working with the angels daily. We all have to choose what's works best for us.