Archangel Raphael: Equinox Approaches 03.20.2017

- by Jenn Royster

On yesterday's (03.15.17) live broadcast we explored the Bigger Picture of the upcoming 2017 March Equinox with guidance from Archangel Raphael. The equinox falls on Monday March 20, 2017. This weekend, is perfect for setting your intentions as we approach the gateway into a fresh new beginning. 

This is a valuable equinox time in the midst of the energy that is here to help us ascend. We've been through pain, loss, joy, excitement, hope, anger, happiness, peace and every other emotion there is to go through. Have you been feeling all of these emotions recently? 

Why are we feeling all of this? We are awakening, we are feeling, we are opening our hearts. With that comes the flood of feeling it all, before it settles, into what we CHOOSE to keep, as we move forward.

That's the reality. That's how brave you are. That's what will open and awaken you to choose clearly.

I love that Archangel Raphael came through for the equinox with his gentle guidance. His energy always feels quite different to me from AA Michael. Raphael's approach has a gentle nudging that encourages us to keep going in times of healing.

The March equinox is an opportunity to see the balance we are seeking and how to make it happen. The equinox is a balance of dark and light. The time of year where we have the same amount of daylight as we do evening hours.

Watch the video archive from 03.15.17 live broadcast embedded in this article for the full explanation of how we can prepare the way to greatness in our lives.

Highlights from this epsiode include:

  • I share insight on the importance of this particular equinox. 
  • I answer a question from a listener from the email bag. 
  • Archangel Rapahel's suggestions on how to prepare for the equinox. 

This year, we also have a powerful energy alignment at the same time. I know I keep saying that every week, but it's true! That's how incredible this year is. The year of a NEW CYCLE. It's not wasting any time motivating us either.

If you are feeling frustrated, hang in there. The clarity will come. The angels are showing much compassion for us these days. Yet, they are not doing everything for us for a reason. 

They are guiding us to participate in the making of our new direction. Our training wheels are no longer needed. We just need to believe it so. We are growing up in a big way.

AFFIRMATION: I AM Empowered to choose Happiness, Health and Prosperity in all things. I AM Strong and Believe in my success. 

and so it is...