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Archangel Raguel: Balance Your Heart Chakra

Archangel Raguel

Balance Your Heart Chakra

- by Jenn Royster

Explore how to heal your heart chakra with the help of archangel Raguel. This angel's name means friend of God.

Raguel's primary focus is balance, harmony and fairness for all. This angel is also wonderful to work with when it comes to personal life balance. 

There's also the emotional overload that can happen when we are going through a spiritual awakening or major life changes. Especially in our relationships. Some may be challenged to make changes. This is all processed through our heart chakra. 

The month of October is puling all of this to the surface for healing and taking it to a new level consciousness. Venus retrograde is especially tugging at the heart strings to reveal where we are missing out on a joyful life. 

Archangel Raguel can help you find balance, along with Archangel Chamuel who brings the peaceful calm.(we discussed Chamuel in last week's episode). We have support for for working with the current opportunities October delivers.  Full episode posted below.