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Archangel Michael: The Great Turning Point

Archangel Michael

The Great Turning Point

- by Jenn Royster

December Solstice is here. This is the great turning point that helps us focus on what we want to manifest in the coming new year 2018. This also sheds light on your soul purpose and what you truly want to manifest. 

Archangel Michael comes through this week for Thursday Dec 21st live broadcast to share insight and inspiration on aligning with our life purpose. He is the go-to angel for life directions and redirection. 

​​​​​There is much in the way of a waking up for all of us happening. We are turning the corner and will begin to see what's around the bend. 

The December solstice prepares us for the New year by pulling us inward for answers. For many this time of year brings sadness, and the December solstice has been referred to at times as the Dark Night of the Soul. 

Archangel Michael brings Light to this moment and shows us the way to creating a better life. When we see through our challenges (or dark times) as life changing moments where our soul grows stronger, we see the bigger picture and find the blessings awaiting us. 

Watch the full episode of this broadcast below. 

We are in in the holiday week and I want to wish you all great blessings in all things. A time to take a moment and celebrate life, family and friends. 

I am looking forward to a better world and focusing on doing my part in manifesting into the New Year 2018. ​​​​​​May you feel Love and many blessings in all that you do. 

​​AFFIRMATION: I AM aligning with my soul purpose and manifesting a better life NOW. I AM filled with gratitude for all. 
and so it is... ​​​​​​​