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Archangel Michael: Explore the Great Shift Within

- by Jenn Royster

Archangel Michael's guidance is perfect for exploring the great awakening shift within each and everyone of us. Everyone is shifting to some degree whether they realize it or not. This is the Great Shift within . 

The month of March is full throttle on taking action. Michael is the go to angel when we start shaking in our boots, afraid to make a choice or take action. There's no time like the present to move forward. 

His energy is comforting when fear sets in. He'll encourage you to keep going when you want to back out or give up. His energy will wrap you in a beautiful feel safe vibe.

People have been reporting that since the recent February 2017 eclipses, life took a new direction quickly. Honestly, I knew it would shift quickly, but for those that have been investing time with their intentions to move forward, it's no joke! 

This is a pleasant surprise but sometimes can feel too good to be true.

There's the catch phrase to watch out for:

too good to be true...

You'll cancel out your intention if you doubt yourself.

Don't second guess the universe's ability to deliver. Believe it so and receive with open arms. Because you, my friend are creating your world. You're manifesting into reality what you intend to experience. 

If you feel life is leaving you behind. That's NOT the case. The universe is ready to deliver. Pay attention to your intentions. What are you focusing on? It will deliver this. 

It's never too late to change your life for the better. Call on Michael if you need motivation. He'll definitely deliver motivation and inspiration to get you started. He's like a spiritual personal trainer that removes the fear to go for it.

We explored the in's and out's of our current Great Shift within us on the March 09, 2017 broadcastWatch the video posted here for a full exploration of this Great Shift with Archangel Michael's Guidance. 

Here's are some of the highlights in this epsiode:

  • A wonderful surprise came through in a reading with a caller. Archangel Michael and the Goddess Diana came through with inspiration for her and all of us.
  • Archangel Michael came through with fearlessness and how to cut those cords of baggage we need to release. Perfect with a full moon on the way March 12, 2017. This full moon will be in Virgo, arriving with the energy to dig deeper for answers. Watch out for the tendancy to over analyze everything. Remember it's not about mind choices any longer. It's all about freeing ourselves to make choices from the heart. 
  • The Goddess Diana is associated with the moon and brought in the courage to embrace our feminine side. The side that will nurture us as we are shifting through this time. Diana is also known for perfect aim, keep your focus and don't give up!
  • We also explored the current energy alignment of how Pisces energy from the solar eclipse, lead us in to the current Venus retrodgrade and now into the full Virgo moon. There's much happening here. This is causing the feeling of everything happening at the same time.  Endings and New Beginnings are here now. 
  • How we are feeling pulled in every direction, and yet feel at a stand still, and why. Archangel Michael's guidance came through giving us a way to work through this time of passage positively and be better for it.

 We are dismantling and creating at the same time now. That's why it feels all over the place at times. We are creating our new path as we are releasing the last fragments of the old.

I wish you all Peace, Love and Joy as you make the Great Shift Within.