Archangel Gabriel's Guidance for April 2017 - New Moon Energies

- by Jenn Royster

Yesterday March 30th, on the live broadcast, I shared Archangel Gabriel's outlook and guidance for April 2017. He brought brings inspiration and motivation to our lives. April's fresh new energy nurtures all that we do. Creativity flourishes wherever you apply yourself. The energy is abundant to motivate your efforts.
We've been through great changes and still changing. We are now in the new cycle. We have the opportunity to make your new beginning count in every way. The current energies are supporting you to bring you best foot forward. Time to shine!

This energy rings with success in wherever your intentions are focused. Your projects and creative endeavors are supported to shine. Gabriel brings much inspiration and positive energy to April. Make the most of this opportunity while it's here.

Wherever you apply yourself will have the success energy your looking for. April has the energy to reset and align our new beginning positively. Setting us up to manifest this into our physical world as we move into May. 

Highlight's from this episode include:

  • Archangel Gabriel's guidance for April.
  • How angels answers our call for assistance. I share true story experience I had right before the show! 
  • Answer a listener/viewer's question about the how to hear the message in the midst of the energy shift experience she was having. 
  • The Lingering New Moon effects. (A bit more on this below the video.)

Watch the video from March 30 broadcast below:

Lingering New Moon Energy:

The recent new moon (03.27-28.17) effects will still be felt for the next few days until around April 2nd. So if you're experiencing this massive shift of energy, just know you're not alone!

Here's what I experienced. My intention in sharing my experience is to let you know if you're feeling a bit strange, or off your game, not to feel isolated in this. There are many of us with you in this, including myself.

Just a reminder, energetically, we are upgrading, calibrating, ascending, feeling every emotion like never before due to our heart chakras opening and releasing old energy. This makes room for the new experience of our new beginning we are all creating in this very moment.

My Story:

On Monday March 27th I had a full plate lined up working on the new classes. I was really feeling the impact of the new moon and it came on sudden. Needless to say, my day was a bit rearranged for me.

First off, I had a couple of restless nights prior to the new moon. Then out of the blue my entire left side was in pain like it was under a very heavy weight. This was accompanied by a constant aching. Couldn't get comfortable, didn't want to eat and felt a heavy sadness.

This may sound dreary but actually it's not. Even the sadness can be turned into a positive self love healing for what it can teach us. I don't avoid the sadness when it comes to me anymore. I engage it.

I listen to the story of WHY their is sadness within me. I am listening to what my physical experience is trying to tell me, teach me and then I can find a way to heal, releasing this energy and learn what it came to teach me.

I had to proactively pursue this method over the years and the first few times were the hardest. But honestly, it's been one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

Once I became aware of what the sadness was trying to tell me, I was connected to the rest of the story through the aching pain down my left side. Then I knew it was all connected in the energy that was looking for a way out.

So I took to meditation to listen deeper. I asked Archangel Raphael, what do I need to accept, release and do to move this energy that feels stuck within me. He told me a simple yet very effective way to jar this energy loose. He said a good hearty workout will do the trick.

You know, when you feel "not so good" that's usually the last thing you want to do. Me included. I had to push myself to do this. Push past the illusion that I can't and that it would make things worse.

So I did a workout and guess what, EVERYTHING went away. Just like that, it all dissolved into nothing. I came away feeling happy, no more sadness, feeling energized and no aching pain!

I am happy to say I am back on my game and I've been working on the new classes all week and they are coming along. I can't wait to share with you. Thanks so much for your patience. You just can't rush Divine Timing.

Sounds like a miracle, yes, it was for me that day. I had to find a way past the deceptive illusion that was trying to hold me back, and it worked. I had to trust the guidance Archangel Raphael gave me and be proactive in making it happen.

I was thankful that I was aware that it was deep heavy energy rising up to leave for good. I can't tell you how many times I give gratitude to the angels and to myself for pursuing the spiritual pathway.

I study metaphysics, energy healing and the angels daily because I love it. I love the connection, I love the fact that I know there is a better way and the only way to this higher dimension is to go right through and face whatever comes my way. I learn something new everyday.

This is just my story and how it worked for me. What's your story?

Remember, we all have a different journey, different circumstances, different history and different paths for our new beginning. So what worked for me in that scenario isn't a hard fast rule.

I'm not saying that you have to literally do what I did for yourself.

What I AM saying is this:

Listen to your body and emotions. Hear them. Take note of why they are presenting themselves to you the way that they are.

Ask the angels, and /or your Higher Self for guidance in how you can be a participant in your self healing and soul growth.

Take action on the guidance you receive. You may have to push through your own illusions to break free. From my experience, it's worth it. YOU"RE worth it!



I AM filled with Self Love. I AM taking action in my own healing. I AM trusting my own inner guidance to make decisions.
and so it is...