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Archangel Gabriel: New Vibration Arrives Dec 2018

Archangel Gabriel: New Vibration Arrives Dec 2018

- by Jenn Royster

Good news arrives in December 2018. A new vibration full of optimism arrives just as the Mercury Retrograde ends on Dec 6th. 

We've had a full year of retrogrades and they were needed to help us review, reflect, slow down and think about how we want to continue moving forward. We've had to let go of outdated beliefs, opinions and everything else in between that no longer serve us. 

We are in the last phase of of 2018 that prepares us for a fast paced year in 2019. A time to catch our breath before the new year. A time to celebrate how far we've come and appreciate who we are today!

Archangel Gabriel's message inspires us to enjoy and celebrate our lives. To seek out the positives we can appreciate and anchor ourselves into this energy. This will serve us well going into the new year. Your focus is key to manifesting. So make it optimistic.

We've come so far. It's easy to trod through your day and not realize that you've actually made quite a bit of progress this year. Just taking the time to notice the changes we've made will lift your vibrational frequency.

When we acknowledge our growth, it lifts our spirits and we feel validated for the hard work. We are inspired to keep going. This is how success infuses it way into your life. 

Acknowledging our growth is awareness. A leveling up you'd say from where you were a year ago. This brings positive incentive to keep going and never give up. 

Archangel Gabriel asks us to lighten up and take a break. Enjoy the little things in life that make you smile and appreciate who you are today. The spiritual awakening path is a one way direction to your True Self. 

Everyone that is on this awakened path will tell you there's no going back. Why? You just don't want to go back once you've started this path of ascension. You are learning self love in it's finest hour.

You are waking up to what your soul already knows. Where there is no fear to tread unknown territory that will see you through with success. 

Watch the full episode below on Archangel Gabriel's message for December 2018.