Archangel Gabriel Messages: Leo Full Moon Feb 2023


Archangel Gabriel Messages: Leo Full Moon Feb 2023

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I embrace my heart’s true passions and make time to to fill my life with joyful activities that support my mind, body and soul.

Archangel Gabriel brings uplifting messages to shake off burdens and power up in the joyful energy of Feb 2023 Leo full moon. This energy is just what we need to shake off the remaining residue of old energies that weighs us down and embrace our inner courage and self confidence.

Leo full moons resonate the heart energy and this ties in with our passions in life. Where, what and how do we love spending our energy? Leo helps us embrace joyful time spent on what we love to focus on. Making our self care part of the package includes making time for fun.

This is healthy and raises our vibration. When we do get back to life’s serious side we are refreshed and stronger, able to take care of responsibilities and details without losing our joy.

The Leo full moon arrives on Feb 5, 2023 and brings a strong boost of energy to not back down from our passions. This energy helps us gain a foothold in a 5D (5th dimensional) vibration. An awareness of how important joy and fun in our lives is necessary for 5D living. The more we practice 5D living the easier it is to deflect old 3D (3rd dimensional) patterns that no longer supports us.

A simple question to ask yourself when life bogs you down.
Where am I coming from here? 3D or 5D mindset?

Tip: 5D mindset still takes care of responsibilities, challenges and serious life details with our joyful energy still intact!  3D mindset… not so much.