Angel Insights Virgo Full Moon Self Worth Verses Perfectionism


Angel Insights on Virgo Full Moon

Self Worth Verses Perfectionism

Affirmation: I look at myself through compassionate eyes. I know myself. I value my boundaries. I honor both.

In this episode, we call on the angels of self worth for their insights on the Virgo full moon arriving March 18 2022. The energy highlights our self worth and empowerment over perfectionism.

Neptune’s energy (the planet of spiritual awakening) is also present under this full moon. This combination makes it easier to explore where a possible perfectionism interference is present in ourselves.

Perfectionism drives us to seek other’s approval, where Self worth is about seeking personal growth.

Under the Virgo full moon and Neptune energies, we are asked to seek out where perfectionism hides within us and release hindering beliefs that hold us back from our greatest potential.