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Angel Insights on How to Thrive Now

-by Jenn Royster

A breath of fresh is what May 2017 is all about. It will finally feel a bit lighter and we'll have motivation to move and shift what's needed in our lives.

I shared angel insights from archangels Michael, Jophiel and Metatron the May 04th Live broadcast.

A tip here on what this may feel like for you. (learn more tips in the video posted in this article)

You tolerance is just NOT there in some areas of your life that you know need to change now.

You'll know you're on point when no matter how hard you try to reset that tolerance, it just won't reset. You're done and you know it!

We've had plenty of focus on this thanks to all the retrogrades! But, good news is we're arriving at that moment where we take the reigns of our life and make those changes happen.

Because we're ready, we're done with the old and ready for a fresh new start.

The old programming may be creeping in trying to convince you that this is not good or that you'll make a mess of things and to just leave it alone. But you know deep down within your heart, that's not true.

Because you've opened your heart and you're feeling your true needs, desires, passions and realize that some things are just not aligned with where you are now.

Realizing that you've come this far is where you tap in to find the space you need to make the changes.

Don't give up your dreams now. You're halfway there!

If it makes you happy it's not a waste of time.

Affirmation for this week:

I am embracing the changes that will bring me the freedom to do what I Love. I AM happy and love what I do.
and so it is...