Angel Insights Neptune Energy: Dreams Illusions Higher Consciousness


Angel Insights on Neptune Energy

Dreams Illusions  and Higher Consciousness

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I trust my intuition to see clearly. I listen to all my senses before making decisions.

In this episode, we’ll call on the angels for insights to understand what Neptune energy brings us on March 12 2022. Illusions, dreams and higher consciousness are highlighted.

Neptune energy is creative, and opens a doorway to where our dreams live. A place where we can tap into all of our senses and find higher consciousness. Discover creative ways to bring our dreams to fruition by thinking outside the box for solutions.

Again, we have several number 2’s. Neptune aligns with Pisces at 22 degrees. Together a magnetic time for a deeper journey to work with your intuition, connect with higher consciousness and creative projects.

Listening to your intuition is valuable. Knowing to difference between reality and illusion is important when making decisions. As we find ourselves in the dreamy energies of Neptune we want to see clearly.