Angel Insights: Jupiter Saturn Conjunction and 2021 Forecast

Angel Insights: Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

New Year 2021 Forecast

- by Jenn Royster

The age of Aquarius brings innovation, creativity and community.

In this episode we’ll ask the angels for insights into the New Year 2021. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction on December 21 2020 delivers a game plan for the new year. The age of Aquarius is a strong energy felt throughout the year.

We have quite the innovative year ahead of us with creative energies leading the way. Thinking out of the box and finding our best way to get it done wherever we make landfall.

2020 has taught us to flex, be patient and adjust to an ever changing landscape. Now we are stronger with the ability to see beyond the horizon.

Equipped with creative ideas while seeing the bigger picture, we are ready to embark on a new adventure.

UPDATED: Due to audio technical difficulties at the beginning of the show. The episode has been adjusted to start at 13:22 minutes. This is where audio is fixed and I started over so you wouldn't miss anything in this episode. 

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