Angel Insights for Sagittarius Season 2022


Angel Insights for Sagittarius Season 2022

- by Jenn Royster

Affirmation: I AM focused and aim higher with optimism to align with my intentions and manifesting goals.

Angel insights for Sagittarius Season 2022 bring encouragement. As we move out of Scorpio season where we’ve been thinking much deeper about everything in our lives. Hopefully, we gained some clarity about where to go from here after all the emotional purging.

Sagittarius season highlights how we aim our focus to align with our intentions and manifesting. In astrology, the Centaur or archer with his bow and arrow pointing up is the symbol for Sagittarius. Always aiming for optimistic, higher spiritual ideals and philosophy.

In this episode, we explore Sagittarius energy for all 12 astrology signs with insights from our angels. Be sure to pay attention to your sun, moon and rising signs. All three will help sort out how you can best aim your focus for hitting your manifesting with intention target.