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Angel Insights for December 2020

angels astrology podcast video Dec 02, 2020

Angel Insights for December 2020

- by Jenn Royster

A fresh new perspective sparks creativity to find a better way. Who’s ready for 2021?

In this episode, we’ll ask the angels for insights on the upcoming energies for December 2020. A special month filled with excitement, all things new and revolutionary ideas.

2020 has been a year of ascension, awakening and massive change. As a collective we’ve all had to level up, embrace change and learn new ways to navigate in our lives.  Time to wrap it up for 2020, take what we’ve learned and make way for the new. Who’s ready for 2021?

According to astrology, there’s quite the lineup to talk about this month. A solar eclipse, full moon, Jupiter and Saturn alignment and the headliner for the month is the Great Conjunction.

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