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Angel Insights: Discover New Opportunities in Major Life Changes

Angel Insights for Challenging Times

Discover New Opportunities 

- by Jenn Royster

The human spirit is a powerful innovative force.

The angels bring insights that inspire us to hang in there during challenging times. We are here to witness and and participate in an evolving new world.

The human spirit is a powerful innovative force that will find a solution. Spiritual Awakening is heightened in times of great change. Our inner world is the way to find solutions and new opportunities that will support us moving forward.

In astrology, Mars and Uranus are coming together in April 2020 to shake things up. This activates creativity and confidence to discover opportunities amongst a rapidly changing world.

Don’t doubt the power of the soul. Spiritual awakening is soaring to greater heights now. This is what the soul does best. They are fearless. They are our true selves. We’ve got this.