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Angel Insight: April 2019

Angel Insight: April 2019 

- by Jenn Royster

Angel Insights: April 2019

Do you Feel it? Change is in the air as we move into April 2019. We begin to feel something has shifted. A sense that our life has taken a new turn. Good news! This will feel positive and open for expansion. 

In this episode we go through the month of April with a little help from our angels. Abundance, manifesting and relationships come into focus.
April brings opportunities for personal growth in these areas. Spiritual awakenings continue to expand our awareness. 

A few key dates to point out in April 2019:

April 5th - New moon in Aries. A good time to think about what you want to manifest into your life. The first week flows with positive energy. So make the most of this opportune time. Think about your mindset regarding finances, abundance and relationships. Now's the time to set in motion your intentions in these areas. 

3 planets go retrograde in April. They are slow moving but will help us review areas in our life to improve, let go or allow in! Everyone is different here. This is the time to turn inward and pay attention to what pops up for yourself.  The retrogrades will last a few months. You won't feel these too strongly but under the surface they will help us tweak and improve what we want to manifest this year. 

April 10 Jupiter goes retrograde: Jupiter energy is all about expansion, influence and wealth. 

April 24th Pluto goes retrograde: Pluto energy is all about boundaries, rebirth, letting go, ending a situation, moving on.

April 29th Saturn goes retrograde: Saturn energy is all about hard work, business, discipline and responsibility.

April 19th Full Moon in Libra: Libra energy illuminates areas in relationships that need tending to.

April 21st move into Taurus: Time for grounding, relaxing and slowing down.

April 22nd Sun meets Uranus: Ah ha moments reveal themselves. Wisdom and insights come into light. Tip: Mark this date on your calendar. Pay attention to what pops up in your life around this date.  

Overall, April has a lot going on but all of this combined sets us up for expansion and improvements. Watch the full episode below for more tips and how to make the most of what April's energy offers.