Angel Guidance: Spiritual Awakening Overwhelm and New Moon March 28

- by Jenn Royster

We are officially into the new cycle. Our new beginning in big ways. Here's the deal... We just crossed the threshold into this new existence. Still feeling the shifting feelings from one moment to the next? The big question out there... what do we do now?

How did you experience the equinox? Since we're all going through this together. I'll share mine. I was feeling on top of the world the day prior, then on the equinox (March 20th) several physical quirks, aches and pains. A little dizziness and foggy focus (or should I say, lack of focus). Then wake up on the next day (March 21) full of energy, clear focus and feeling balance!

I knew it was the energy transition. I could feel that it wasn't just on a physical level, but emotions were changing from one minute to the next, and thoughts jumping from one topic to the next much quicker. I felt, the past, present and future at the same time. I guess you could say I felt all of the above and then some.

Yes, it's like feeling everything at the same time. I pondered the thought afterwords. Was I experiencing the timeline dissipating? The transition, the merging of dimensions as we pass from 3rd through to 4th and then to 5th? Maybe even on to 6th when we're ready? My visionary excitement kicked in of course.

Then I felt a gentle tap on the shoulder and a gentle voice saying: "Calm down Jenn, the way to travel this new road is to harness the child within and focus this energy on the calm still voice within you. Listen to this voice."

Yep, the excitement is huge, but then be a grown up about it. We are learning to empower everything we do with the purity of this inner child energy. Why? Because this is pure vitality energy that drives us to take action without thinking about fear!

I am thankful that I have studied spirituality, energy healing and metaphysics for years as this at least gave me a grounding point to work from. Although it felt familiar, it felt so new.

Since then I asked the angels for guidance for myself personally and to share with you too. Yes indeed they came through and I shared their guidance and we explored this new spiritual awakening experience on yesterday's live broadcast 03.23.2017.  ( video archive in this post) The excitement yet the overwhelm at the same time. I also shared a few insights into the upcoming New Moon on March 28th

This is your time to shine like never before. You'll have some choices to make in how you want to precede. The New Beginning is here. Make the most of this opportune time with all your heart and intention. The Aries energy will drive you with great energy for the next few weeks. Time to make your mark. 

My, how time flies when you're awakening into a new world!