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Angel Guidance: New Moon and Manifesting

Angel Guidance: New Moon and Manifesting

- by Jenn Royster

Aries new moon arrives April 5, 2019 and brings one of the best opportunities to focus your intentions and manifesting. Perfect timing to support our dreams and efforts.

In this episode we check in with the angels for insights on working with this energy to get things rolling and throughout the remainder of the year.

There's several tips throughout this episode on how to tap into this new moon energy. This one in particular is quite powerful for manifesting. Aries new moon brings energy to get things done. 

We're also moving up a level and that means going inward a bit deeper to listen to our soul. I go over this deeper soul dive along with how to do an intention meditation with this moon energy for manifesting and aligning with your soul. 

We discuss how to decipher whether or not our desires are coming from the ego or your soul. Obviously the goal is to align with your soul truth and intentions for this lifetime. 

As we are all moving up a level and adjusting to higher frequencies, this Aries new moon is perfect timing to set our course for the remainder of the year. It's worth your time to give this approach a try and see where it takes you.

Watch the full episode below: