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Angel Guidance: Libra New Super Moon

Angel Guidance: Libra New Super Moon

- by Jenn Royster

The angels bring guidance and uplifting messages on healing, transformation and manifesting opportunities. This Libra Super New moon arrives on September 28th and brings all three.

Archangel Raguel is a wonderful angel to work with under this energy. Raguel is the angel of justice and balancing the scales. This angel focuses on bringing harmonious solutions to relationship challenges. This includes the relationship with yourself.  

Super moons are said have stronger effects. This new moon brings a lot of potential for spiritual growth and healing. Arriving close to the equinox brings transformative energy. 

Manifesting energy is strong with this new moon. What do you want to bring into your life? There is opportunity to create a new way in our lives after all the healing and transformative changes taking place within us.

Every healing and releasment opens up space to manifest something new. It's a give and take ongoing process. 

Spend time with this new super moon and ask Archangel Raguel to guide you to find harmonious solutions in your life. You're worth your time and effort to honor this opportunity to align with your soul's truth and raise your frequency. A new world is unfolding quickly these days. Time to start creating our new lives. 

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