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Angel Guidance: July Solar Eclipse Sign of Cancer

angels astrology video Jul 12, 2018

Angel Guidance: July Solar Eclipse

In the Sign of Cancer

- by Jenn Royster

I am personally in gratitude for the angels and how they support us everyday. It's an honor to share my experiences with you. They have picked me up when I feel down or depleted. They have shown me every time that Love is all there is and that's what truly matters. Thank you angels!

We have a partial solar eclipse July 12th in the sign of Cancer. (Note: for some of you this could be Friday 13th depending on your location.) What does this mean?

There's a lot going on and I'm sure you're feeling it in one way or another. Cancer is a water sign and relates to emotions, nurturing, compassion, new beginnings, etc.. 

This solar eclipse marks the beginning of a new way. Rebirthing and digging in deeper than you've ever been brave enough to go within your soul. 

The adventure you seek lies within.

We are emerging and forging a new path to a higher consciousness where your lifestyle and your soul walk hand in hand beautifully. I know that sometimes you wonder if all your effort is worth it. From my experience, I can say absolutely YES it's worth it. Don't give up now. It will be worth it.

I share angel insights in the episode posted below about this beautiful inward journey that flows in on this solar eclipse. There is much to learn about how positive this can be for our lives.