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Angel Guidance: January 2019

Angel Guidance: January 2019

- by Jenn Royster

January 2019 kicks off the New Year with gusto. Now’s the time to take a moment and put intention on what you would like to see brought forth to you in 2019.

The first month of a fast paced year encourages our intellect and creativity to work together to implement our plans. The energy is magnified by two eclipses that will give us an extra push where we need it.

In this episode, I share insights and angel guidance on this powerful energy. We have an opportunity here to make the most of this magnified energy with our intention. On Jan 5, 2019 we have a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn.

This means it's go time. Time to clarify what we want achieve in 2019. If we make the time to do this now we set the pace for the rest of the year. 

Later in the month on Jan 20, 2019 we have a super moon lunar eclipse. An opportunity to release stagnate energy holding you back from the intention you set at the beginning (Jan 5). 

This is the beginning of a year that moves and will be magnified with several eclipses throughout the year. Intention is the beginning of whatever you want to manifest in your life. Then you take action and be a participant in the journey. 

2019 will be a year that moves forward so set your intentions now to align your life's journey with what you want. The full episode is posted below. This is the back up to the back up! LOL We had interesting video streaming with this episode. But we've got you covered and it's all here. No loss when you're tenacious! Enjoy.

May your prosper in all that you set your intentions on moving forward. Namaste