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Angel Guidance: Hope arrives in Feb. 2019

angel insights hope video Feb 01, 2019

Angel Guidance: Hope arrives in Feb. 2019

- by Jenn Royster

Hope… where the light begins in the darkness. Where solutions are born and we find our way no matter what. Never give up, hope will always find a way. - Jenn Royster

Dr Jenn checks in with the angels for guidance as we move into the second month of 2019.
February arrives and a new moon on the 4th brings hope and a sigh of relief. Positive aspects arrive as we step onto our future path. Inner wisdom comes through.

This new moon bring much optimism and will be one of the best this year! So tap into this beautiful supportive energy. Our spirits are lifted under this moon and ready to embark on new adventures. 

There's encouragement to explore new ground with less anxiety as we move out of our comfort zones. Perfect timing to start those new projects, change direction or other major life decisions. 

Hope is an energy that is always available. In this episode, Archangels Jophiel, Michael and Ariel brought guidance to never give up. There's always another viewpoint to every situation. What may seem to be a loss could very well be the closing of a door that needed to be. 

New doors swing wide open when an old door finally closes (sometimes those doors close for us if we procrastinate) bringing opportunities we never knew were waiting for us. We just needed to see beyond the old door blocking our way. 

The energy is supportive and the angels remind us that Hope is a VERY powerful energy that will ignite the path. This lights the way in our darkest hour, when we feel it's all over. Hope is a Divine Love energy that shows us there's options, there's a better way for us. 

Your inner wisdom is waiting for you to listen to what's best for you.  Enjoy the full episode below.