Angel Guidance for Oct 2017: Balance Your Energy

Angel guidance for Oct 2017

Balance Your Energy

- by Jenn Royster

The angel guidance for October 2017 is quite inspiring. Archangels Jophiel, Chamuel and a Michael come through. I shared their guidance and a wonderful meditation for energy clearing and healing they gave me in the September 28th broadcast. (Watch full episode posted below)

The energy of October is all about balancing masculine and feminine energies within ourselves.

The angels are filled with positive reinforcements regardless of what's out there in the world. The key is to tune in to those good vibes they send us. Then take action! (aka: our masculine energy) However, here's the balance part, take action with Love in our hearts. (aka: our feminine energy)

Everyone will need to find which of these two energies is out of balance within themselves if needed. Maybe you are balanced! But most of us, will find we have one of these energies more dominate than the other. We have the energy to help us figure it out in October.

We have the opportunity to explore the best version of ourselves and choose to live it. So what will it take for you to be the best of you?

The balance between our inner masculine and feminine is coming to the forefront. In astrology, Venus is the Divine feminine and Mars is the Divine masculine. They reunite in October on the full moon Oct 5th.

Balance is the priority when these two come together. Harmony and working together verses against one another. Keep in mind, this is an inner journey of our own masculine and feminine balance. Who rules in your inner house?

Both energies are equally important. We need our creative nurturing feminine side when exploring a new path or direction. Or, perhaps we are looking for a better way to do what we are already doing.

We need our masculine energy to make things happen. To be proactive in initiating what our feminine energy has discovered. A perfect match when balanced and working together.

The angels guidance for October helps us define and see clearly without avoiding what we need to balance. They can help you with either masculine or feminine energy balancing needs.

Archangel Jophiel helps to inspire us with positive energy when we feel discouraged. Ask this angel to help lift your spirits when needed at any time.

Archangel Chamuel brings a peaceful soothing calm to us when life becomes overwhelming. This angel unfolds our next steps one at a time, encouraging us to focus on the task at hand. Ask Chamuel to help you when you have too much on your plate. You’ll find you’re much more productive working on one task at a time verses overload.

Archangel Michael reminds us to cut the cords, let go of whatever is toxic to us. He helps to protect us and we feel safe to move forward. He also brings logic into the spiritual mix which is grounding.

Here’s a few healthy characteristics of each energy to help you discover your needs for balancing.

Feminine energy: intuition, compassion, creativity, nurturing, listening to your heart, turning inward, journaling, spending time in nature, love

Masculine energy: taking action, defending, take a leap of faith, physical activity/exercise, face a conflict, expressing oneself

If you find you are not relating to one or any of these characteristics, that’s the first step in working to balance your needs.

A masculine energy example: if you avoid conflict, then you are looking to balance and bring forth your masculine energy that will face a conflict to resolve it.

A feminine energy example: if you feel stuck and unhappy and want to find a new life path, then you’re looking to bring forth more feminine energy to wake up your creative side. This will help you discover solutions that will free you to move forward.

A couple of tools for your energy balancing kit below. Enjoy the journey of you! The best is yet to come. 

  •  There is a meditation for energy clearing and healing at the end of the video posted   in this article.  A quick 1-2 minute energy blast you can use anytime. 
  •  AFFIRMATION: I AM balanced in all ways. My energy supports me now!
    and so it is...