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Angel Guidance: Balancing Emotions and Life Choices

Angel Guidance: Balancing Emotions and Life Choices

 - by Jenn Royster

In this episode,  we called on the angels for guidance on how to balance emotions and making life choices. We are in a season of Cancer eclipses that stir the emotions for change.

We also entered the season of Aquarius.. All this unites to assist us as we make life choices. Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign is known as the water bearer  and brings cleansing to earth. Washing away the pain that earth has absorbed. 

When we work with Aquarius energy as our emotions rise to the surface, we set up a perfect combination for cleansing away toxic emotional energy we need to release.

The season of Cancer eclipses is just starting.  Eclipses magnify lunar energies. Cancer is a water sign and is associated with emotions. So you see, the universe does support us as we ascend on our journey. 

The more we release the old energies that weigh us down and block our efforts, the higher we raise our frequency toward a 5th dimensional experience. 

In 2019 there’s no resting on our laurels! It’s the year to make changes for the better. In this episode, I share angel guidance, tips and various ways to balance emotions and work with this unique lineup the universe has sent our way.

Watch the full episode below.