1212 Healing vibrations roll In with full moon in Gemini

1212 Healing Vibrations Roll In

- by Jenn Royster

In the 12th month on the 12th day at 12:12am Eastern the full moon arrives in Gemini.

The angels bring messages of love and insight as strong healing vibrations roll in to assist us in whatever we are sorting out. They have a way of letting us know they've got us covered. What a comfort to know we have these beautiful angelic creatures in our corner. 

Archangel Michael brings just what we need to feel safe out of our comfort zone  and to feel empowered to forge new ground. 

In numerology, 1212 is a powerful activation code that raises our frequency to see the bigger picture. With a new perspective we have the ability to see clearly and make better choices moving forward. 

1212 spiritual meaning begins with the number one which stands for new beginnings. Followed by number two which means to take a step out into a brand new direction.

Yes, we are feeling expansion, yes we will feel out of our comfort zone, but we will also feel excited, curious and ready to explore a new adventure. How else could we possible know what we're capable of? 

A sense of completion and travel to higher consciousness is here. 1212 is also associated with our light body vehicle known as the Merkaba. This light body vehicle is how we ascend to higher consciousness. 

This truly is a brand new cycle filled with adventure and bright new horizons. The year 2020 will have more focus on this new cycle. This is just a taste of what's to come. 

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