Intuition: The Eighth Chakra

Learn to trust your intuition with Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and Teacher Dr Jenn Royster and take your intuitive skills to the next level with this advanced intuitive development course.

Highly recommended for those in the healing arts and for those seeking to develop their connection to higher dimensions.

Intuition: The Eighth Chakra Connection will explore The Seat of the Soul. There is a wealth of information to access through this chakra that will benefit your soul journey. This chakra began awakening for many people in 2012 and is now a major chakra of importance for all of humanity. We thrive when our chakras are balanced and the eighth chakra is no different.

This is a chakra that many are just beginning to understand. To balance this chakra and open up to the power of intuition will be of great benefit to you. This workshop will take a deeper look into the eight chakra and it's role in Spirit connection.where we meet the higher frequency dimensions to connect with the angelic realm, Your Higher Self, ascended masters, the akashic records, past, present and future lives.

Go at your own pace with audio files and course lessons in pdf for you to download. You'll be able to access your course anytime. There will be assignments designed to help you deepen your experience and understanding. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.

What you'll receive: 20 Lessons with audio downloads you can take with you on the go and PDF lesson worksheets.

You will learn:

  • Why is this chakra so important?
  • Symptoms of an unhealthy Eighth Chakra
  • Crystals to use with the Eighth Chakra
  • The importance of Meditation to access the Eighth Chakra
  • Balancing the Eighth Chakra
  • Meet your Higher Self
  • Access the Akashic Records
  • Access Past, Present and Future Lives
  • Connect with the Angelic Realm
  • Ascended Masters
  • Loved Ones Crossed Over