Self Care for Healing Happiness and Success

This Self Care Power Pack is loaded with education, tools and resources to get your started right away on a healthier, happier and successful YOU! Read on to see what covered and what's included in your Self Care Package. 

Appropriate self-care is essential to your happiness and success. But, due to the demands of work and a busy family life, most people don’t make their own self-care needs a top priority. Our busy society’s demands can take a toll on our health and lives if we don’t put our own needs first at regular intervals. 

Self-care involves nurturing and honoring yourself as a worthy and deserving human being. Everyone who loves, cares, and depends on you also needs you to take care of yourself or even allow them to help you care for yourself in some way. 

Self-care is about putting your needs first to ensure optimum health and happiness in all areas of your life. To do this, it’s important to educate yourself about facts, question your own biases, and become more mindful about your needs versus your wants. 

If you really want to increase your productivity while also taking care of yourself, you’re in luck because taking care of yourself will result in having a much happier and healthier existence than if you left it all up to chance.

In this course, you discover ways to put more self-care practice into your life.  The goal is to create daily self care rituals that work for you in ways that improve your quality of life, happiness, health and success in all you do. 

What's Included:

  • 13 lesson modules with ways to improve your self care and create new improved daily rituals and healthy habits. 

Discover the different aspects of life that need your attention and self care. It's much more than just about your physical health and bubble baths! 

  • Areas of Self-Care 

There are eight general areas of concern on which to focus when it comes to self-care. Every area of self-care is important as each influences the other. To practice good self-care, you need to engage in healthy activities which aid you in reaching your optimal success, based on your personal life goals. 

  • Physical : Your physical body needs care to ensure its optimum health
  • Psychological: Understanding how your mind controls your actions can be very beneficial to you.
  • Emotional: Managing your stress levels and developing your emotional IQ
  • Social: Did you know that your life often reflects the vision of the people who surround you? 
  • Professional: Whether you work for yourself or someone else, share your strengths while maintaining clear, professional boundaries.
  • Environmental: Your environment affects your ability to get things done.
  • Spiritual: Your personal values are often influenced by your spiritual beliefs.
  • Financial: We all need money in order to build the lifestyle we dream of having. However, being financially responsible is the key. 

Track Your progress!

  • A daily self care journal to track your progress and implement your strategies and new routines.
  • Worksheets to sort out your specific needs in all areas.
  • Checklist to track your weekly progress.

BONUS Checklist Pack!

  • Checklists with ideas and ways to incorporate your new healthy routines in different areas of self care.